Owners Corporation & RESIDENTIAL AUDITS

Owners Corporation Act 2006 - Sect 46 - Owners Coporation to repair and maintain common property

Essential safety measures are central to ensuring a safe and healthy environment in Victoria, and the maintenance is vital for the life, safety and health of occupants over a building's lifetime.

To this end, the Building Regulations 2006 ensure adequate levels of fire safety and the protection of people in a building or place of public entertainment.

It is important that all those with responsibilities in owning, managing and operating buildings - large or small — are fully aware of, and understand, their responsibilities in the ongoing maintenance of the essential safety measures in their buildings.

The Owners Corporation has the function of managing and administrating the Common Area.


Owners corporation to repair and maintain common property An owners corporation must repair and maintain -

(a) the common property;

(b) the chattels, fixtures, fittings and services related to the common property or it's environment.